How do I apply for a Building Consent

You can get an application form on our building consent forms page or from your local service centre.

Filling out the application form
The application form must be filled out in full and all the required information provided.

If you are not familiar with building plans and compliance with the building code you may need to engage a design professional (an architect for example) to supply the required drawings and information and to apply for a building consent on your behalf.

You can also find useful information about applying for a building consent and download publications from the Department of Building and Housing website.

Checklists are available from the council to assist you to provide the right information and documentation with your building consent application.

You may also need a resource consent
Depending on the nature of your project, you may need to apply for a resource consent as well as a building consent.

A section 37 certificate will be attached to your project information memorandum or approved building consent if a resource consent is also required.  

Submitting your application
Once you have completed your application form, you can submit it using one of the following methods:

Post your application to:
Building control
Carterton District Council
PO Box 9

Drop your application in to the Council Offices in Holloway Street, Carterton.

Acceptance by the council
Your application will be checked to ensure the required information is provided before being accepted. Applications will not be accepted if information is missing.

This initial check is on the content of the application only. A more detailed check will be carried out during the processing of the application.

Postal applications will be returned by mail if not accepted.


Information on this page has been sourced from Auckland City Council.