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Decision of the commissioner on the South Wairarapa Vets application, please click here

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The Carterton District Council, 28 Holloway Street, (PO Box 9), Carterton has received an application for resource consent from South Wairarapa Veterinary Services.
The application is for subdivision of property in Rural (Primary Production) zone, at 3236 State Highway 2 into 4 lots, and land use consent for establishing a veterinary clinic on proposed Lot 4.
If you wish to make a submission on this application, you may do so by sending a written submission to the consent authority no later than Wednesday the 1st April 2015. Electronic (e-mail) submissions are preferred and are to be sent by the above date to The submission must be dated, signed by you, and include the following information:
1.         Your name and postal address and telephone number and fax number and e-mail address (if applicable).
2.         Details of the application in respect of which you are making the submission, including location.
3.         Whether you support or oppose the application.
4.         Your submission, with reasons.
5.         The decision you wish the consent authority to make.
6.         Whether you wish to be heard in support of your submission.
The application can be viewed at the Carterton District Council Office, Holloway Street, Carterton and below.

150006 Application for resource consent by South Wairarapa Veterinary Services Ltd:

part 1 please view here

Part 2 please view here

Part 3 Please view here (106mb file)

Part 4 NZTA Approval please view here

Part 5 Affected Party feedback to applicant please view here

A copy of your submission must be served as soon as reasonably practicable on the applicant whose address for service is:
Lucy Cooper, Perception Planning, PO Box 259, Martinborough 5741
Milan Hautler

Submissions received click here
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Section 42 A report click here
Addendum report click here

Notice of Hearing
Hearing for this application will be heard by independent commissioner Richard Fowler on the 9th June 2015 at 9.30 at the Carterton Event Centre (Large Meeting Room). The Hearing is public, but only those submitters can speak who indicated so on the submission form.

Evidence submitted for the hearing

applicant’s evidence:
Transport Evidence  click here
Landscape Architect Evidence click here
Final Planning Evidence click here
Adrian Evans Evidence click here

council evidence:
Transport Safety Evidence click here

Evidence for hearing from submitters
NZ Fire Service click here
F and S Cameron click here
Tomlinson and Carruthers click here
Andrew Carr click here