Parks and Recreation

Parks & Recreation Manager
Brian McWilliams, 06 379 4037,
The Parks & Recreation department is responsible for the provision and policy operation of all urban and rural parks and reserves, and includes the following services:

* Maintenance and ongoing development of Carrington, Howard Booth, South End and Millennium Parks, Memorial Square and their facilities.

* Provision of the Council’s plant nursery.

* Urban street mowing and maintenance of the various civic areas and recreation reserves scattered throughout the urban area.

* Maintenance and ongoing development of the district’s rural reserves.

Information on the district’s urban and rural parks and reserves is detailed in the Reserve Management Plans[ED1] .

Council has an Urban Street Tree Policy to assist with selection of appropriate species and to guide street tree planting.

Carterton took part in the development of the WRS Wellington Region Open Space Strategy and Action, which allow for a coordinated approach for the development, management and protection of open space across the Wellinton Region. The intention of the strategy is to provide improved outcomes and greater efficiencies across the regions’ open space providers, and members of the public with relevant information about the Wellington region open space network.